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1. How does the City pay for transportation projects?
2. Who do I contact about traffic issues or concerns?
3. Where should I report a traffic signal malfunction or traffic light timing issues?
4. Why are there cameras on top of some of the traffic signals?
5. Where can I learn about the City's plans to reduce traffic accidents at a particular location?
6. How do I request the City install a marked crosswalk at my intersection?
7. How do I get a sidewalk in my neighborhood?
8. How do I request the City lower the speed limit on my street?
9. How do I get pedestrian ramps in my neighborhood street?
10. How do I get a stop sign put up at an intersection?
11. How do I request the City install bikeways in my neighborhood?
12. How do I request that a bus stop be added or moved?
13. Can the City do something to reduce cut through traffic in my neighborhood?
14. How do I get parking revisions on my street?
15. How can I get my street re-striped?
16. Where can I get speed and volume information for the following streets in the city?