What is a mitigation hearing?
A mitigation hearing is where you admit that you committed the violation, but wish to explain the circumstances of the infraction. To request a mitigation hearing you should check box 2. You will appear before a magistrate or Judge for a hearing or you may request a hearing by mail. Your hearing will be scheduled for a specific date. If you request a hearing by mail your letter of explanation must be received before your hearing date. The Judge, depending on your explanation and your record, may adjust the penalty. If you have not had a deferred finding within the last 7 years, you may qualify for a deferred finding, whereby your infraction would be dismissed on the condition you pay court costs. If you do not qualify for a deferred finding, the Judge will not dismiss your ticket. The Court is required to forward all committed traffic tickets to the Department of Licensing; this will appear on your driving record. The State Legislature does not allow the Court to reduce the penalty for “speeding in a school zone” or “speeding in a construction zone.” Mitigation hearings are not an option for those 2 charges. You must either pay the penalty or contest the ticket.

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