What is an infraction?
Previously many traffic charges were crimes in the state of Washington. The State Legislature has decriminalized many traffic, parks, wildlife, and fisheries offenses. These offenses are now called infractions and are civil cases. An infraction is not a crime, but failure to respond can result in the suspension of your driver’s license, an additional $52 failure to appear penalty and your case
referred to a collection agency.

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1. What is an infraction?
2. What must I do if I receive an infraction?
3. What is a mitigation hearing?
4. Who qualifies for a deferred finding?
5. What is a contested hearing?
6. What should I wear and how should I act in court?
7. May I have a lawyer at my contested hearing?
8. What happens if I can't appear on the court date?
9. Will a traffic infraction appear on my driving record?
10. What if I do not respond to my ticket (fail to pay or appear for a hearing)?
11. What about a 'No Liability Insurance' ticket?
12. Is there a right to appeal?
13. What if I can't pay my penalty all at once?