How is transparency addressed?

The department has the ROAS policy and the flight logs for operations posted on our website. Additionally, incidents involving the use of a ROAS are subject to the public disclosure laws.

Flight logs:  We are currently working with a flight data company to ensure flight logs can be accessed through our web page.  A public portal will be posted as soon as possible.  This flight data information will be available to the public, through our website without the need to file a public records request. 

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1. Does the Remotely Operated Ariel System (ROAS) use facial recognition?
2. Who oversees the ROAS program?
3. Where can I find the ROAS policy?
4. How is transparency addressed?
5. What steps are taken to protect the privacy of community members?
6. How can I voice a concern or file a complaint involving operation of a ROAS?
7. Was the community involved in the planning of the ROAS program?
8. What if I have other questions?