Mask: Where do I get a mask?

All employees have been provided a cloth face covering.  If you need a mask or face covering, please contact your supervisor for one.  

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1. Mask: Am I required to wear a mask or facial covering when I report to work?
2. Mask: How should my mask or facial covering fit?
3. Mask: When are the times I don't have to wear a mask while working?
4. Mask: When and How do I clean my facial covering or mask?
5. Mask: Where do I get a mask?
6. Mask: Can I make or purchase my own mask or face covering?
7. Mask: Where do I dispose of a used or damaged mask/facial covering?
8. SYMPTOMS: What are the symptoms of COVID-19?
9. SYMPTOMS: What should I do if I show symptoms of COVID-19?