What is Sustainamania?
It's a community event that promotes sustainability. All the event booths and activities have a sustainability focus. We also feature National Public Works Week at this event with our Touch-a-Truck area. Kids (and adults) can climb aboard and learn about Public Works equipment, and talk with the crews who work in their communities every day.

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1. What is Earth Hour?
2. When is Earth Hour?
3. How much does it cost to attend Earth Hour?
4. Where do I request my ticket for Earth Hour?
5. What is Sustainamania?
6. When is Sustainamania?
7. How do I become a vendor or have a booth at Sustainamania?
8. Who do I contact with questions about Sustainamania or my booth?
9. Where is Sustainamania?
10. How much does it cost to attend Sustainamania?