Crew preparedness for snow and ice

Public Works Streets Division

Public Works crews are responsible for clearing snow and ice to ensure safety for all motorists and pedestrians. Typically, we plow 250 - 300 lane miles during a snow event!

Things to remember

  • Property owners are responsible for clearing driveways and sidewalks next to their property
  • Crews make every effort to keep snow piles away from driveways and mailboxes
  • Depending on the severity of the event, we may not make it to every road
  • Please give crews room to work when you see them out clearing roads


Crews prepare equipment, train, monitor forecasts, and create a response plan in September and October.


  • Two 10-yard dump trucks equipped with sanders, 250 gallons of anti-ice, and 10-foot snowplows 
  • One 5-yard dump truck equipped with a sander, 250 gallons of anti-ice, and a 10-foot snowplow
  • One truck equipped with 2-yard sander and a 9-foot snowplow
  • One truck equipped with 400-gallon anti-ice tank and 9-foot plow
  • Two trucks equipped with 9-foot snowplows 


Bothell Operation Center

  • 400 yards of sand
  • 285 yards of salt 

Brickyard Rd Facility (Shop 1)

  • 150 yards of sand
  • 150 yards of salt 
  • 8,000 gallons of liquid anti-ice


Crews are assigned shifts and hours based on equipment needed and the severity of the storm. Some storms require 12-hour shifts. Roads are cleared based on the snowplow priority map.  


Crew response to snow and ice events doesn't stop when the snow melts! After an event crews clear sand from the roads and storm systems and reset for the next event.