Lodging Tax Advisory Committee (LTAC)

What does LTAC do?

The Lodging Tax Advisory Committee advises the City Council on the Visitor Development Strategy, including the use of the lodging tax, also known as the hotel-motel tax. For more information, please visit Bothell Municipal Code 2.34.

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The Lodging Tax Advisory Committee meets at 10:00 a.m. on the third Tuesday of every month, with additional meetings as needed. Meetings are held at City Hall. 
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State law regulates the requirements for membership of the LTAC, which are:
  • One member – elected official of the city, who shall serve as chair
  • At least 2 members – representatives of businesses required to collect tax
  • At least 2 members – person involved in activities authorized to be funded or supported by revenues

 Member  Term Expires
 Councilmember Jeanne Zornes  12/31/2023
 Catherine Lalley  03/31/2023
 Vacant  03/31/2024
 Brittany Caldwell  03/31/2023
 Quynh Pham  03/31/2024
 Laura Lilley  03/31/2023
Vacant  03/31/2024