Drinking Water

Bothell is one of 22 utilities that purchase wholesale water from Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) and is part of the Regional Water Conservation Program administered by SPU. The Bothell community can be proud and confident that our water is from one of the highest quality sources in the world.

Annual Water Quality Report

The City of Bothell’s Annual Water Quality Report provides important information about the quality of our drinking water, including:

  • Water sources
  • Water quality and testing
  • Water conservation goals

Read the 2020 Water Quality Report. For more comprehensive water quality information, read Seattle Public Utilities’ quarterly analyses

There are multiple water districts operating in within the City of Bothell and in the immediate vicinity.  Determine your water service provider to read your water quality report.  

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Past Water Quality Reports

2019 Water Quality Report

Cedar River Watershed Masonry Pool

Water System Cedar River Watershed Masonry Pool 2016 April