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Everyone Can Be Prepared

Disasters don't wait! They can happen anywhere and anytime. It's important for every member of your family to be prepared, especially your kids. Below, are resources your children can explore to become disaster masters.

Online Games and Activities

Disaster Preparedness Bingo - April 2021 Spring Break

Get your kids involved in learning about emergency preparedness! Take a picture or answer the questions and get five in a row. Post your photos to social media using #BothellPrepared for a chance to have your pictures feature on City channels. Show your completed bingo card, pick up fun activity books, and enter a raffle prize drawing on either date:
April 16th 11am – 2pm at Bothell City Hall 
April 17th 11am – 2pm at Centennial Park 

Questions?  Contact Danielle at email:  

Ready.Gov/Kids offers a number of online activities and games that teach youth and teens how to build an emergency kit, how to stay safe during a disaster and how to create an emergency plan with the whole family. They even offer a teen CERT program that teaches young adults how to take care of one another and their neighbors during a large-scale emergency. 

Disaster Dodgers Series 

The FEMA Disaster Dodgers YouTube series teaches youth all about emergency preparedness and planning ahead. See the full series here.

Coloring Books

Coloring is always a great way to get your children engaged and thinking about emergency preparedness. Here are some "Sam the Disaster Horse" printable coloring books your family can take advantage of today:

Earthquake Safety
Flood Safety
Lightning Safety 
Tornado Safety
Terrorism Safety