The City of Bothell faces many hazards such as severe weather including high winds and winter storms, flooding, landslides, earthquakes, civil unrest, and terrorism to name a few.  The following is a list of some of the hazards that we face in our community. We have documents where you will find printouts of safety information on specific hazards and learn what you can do to stay safe.

Severe Storms and Flooding

Severe storms and flooding present serious threats to the health and safety of affected citizens and can result in significant property damage.

Heat Wave

Heat can kill by pushing the human body beyond its limits. Older adults, young children, and those who are sick or overweight are more likely to succumb to extreme heat. Consequently, people living in urban areas may be at greater risk from the effects of a prolonged heat wave than those living in rural areas.


The threat of wildland fires for people living in Western Washington is real. Dry conditions at various times of the year greatly increase the potential for wildland fires. There are several safety precautions that you can take to reduce the risk of fire losses and to protect you and your family.

Winter Weather

Winter storms and freezing temperatures present a serious threat to the health and safety of affected citizens and can result in significant property damage.


Earthquakes strike suddenly, violently, and without warning at any time of the day or night.  If an earthquake occurs in a populated area, it may cause many deaths and injuries and extensive property damage. Here are some Earthquake Safety Tips.


Active volcanoes of the Cascade Mountain Range in California, Oregon, and Washington have been known to create problems. But did you know that the danger area around a volcano covers approximately a 20-mile radius and that some danger may exist 100 miles or more?  Get your Volcano Safety Tips here!


The City of Bothell's Emergency Preparedness Division is continuously working to better prepare responders, government, citizens, business and industry, and schools for terrorist incidents through planning, exercising and training. Find out what you can do to help prevent terrorism and stay safe!