Traffic Unit

The Bothell Police Traffic Unit provides traffic safety services to all neighborhoods within Bothell, through education,Graphic link: Report a Traffic or Parking Issue. awareness, and enforcement. Traffic Officers work in targeted areas to promote the safety of motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians who use City streets. 
Traffic Officers are issued marked police cars as well as motorcycles to target violations which cause the majority of traffic collisions in the City of Bothell. These officers receive specialized training such as advanced collision investigation, skid mark analysis, and accident reconstruction. 

Safety in School Zones

During the school year, our traffic unit pays special attention to school zones, watching for unsafe drivers.  Making sure our children get to school safely needs to be a community-wide effort.  Drivers must observe speed limits, and avoid distractions. 

There are also things pedestrians and bicycle riders should do;  like wear light or bright colored clothing, or add a reflector to a backpack or bicycle. Traffic Unit Sergeant John Rogers shares some great advice for everyone.Video "Play button" over photo of Traffic Unit Sergeant John Rogers

Update:  School Speed Zone Cameras, Red Light Cameras

Many Bothell residents have shared with us their growing concerns about dangerous drivers;  including red-light runners, and speeders, particularly in school zones.  

With the unanimous approval of Bothell City Council, Bothell Police is working on a project to install cameras at some intersections and school speed zones that will result in tickets issued to speeders and red-light runners. But the real goal is safer streets and sidewalks in Bothell. 

Learn more about the program and watch the unanimous vote by Bothell City Council. 

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