FACT: It is illegal to possess any wild animal who naturally lives in the state, unless you are transporting the animal to a licensed wildlife rehabilitation center for care.

The City of Bothell is home to all types of wildlife including but not limited to: coyotes, bobcat, deer, raccoon, beavers, opossum, squirrels, rabbits, crows, ducks and more. If you feel you are in danger by any wildlife please call 911. For general concerns with wildlife please contact the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife at 425-775-1311.  Please keep pet food, pets and garbage inside to prevent wildlife from becoming a problem. There is no need to call and report sightings of wildlife. Wildlife officials will respond to aggressive wildlife only.

If you have found deceased wildlife on your property, you may double bag it and place it in your trash.

Steps to Keep Wildlife from Invading Your Space

You can discourage wildlife from living in your yard by eliminating access to food, water and shelter. Securely close and lock garbage cans and compost bins. Feed pets indoors. Close access to sheds, crawl spaces, soffits and attics. Keep standing and running water sources to a minimum. Keep your grill/BBQ clean. Bears can smell bird feeders from a mile away. Please pull feeders down when bears are reported seen in your area to deter them from your property.

If wild animals in your yard become destructive, call these helpful resources:
  • PAWS Wildlife Center: 425-412-4040
  • Sarvey Wildlife Center: 360-435-4817
  • Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife: 425-775-1311
  • Washington State University Extension Office: 425-338-2400