Animal Bites

Follow these steps if you have been bitten by an animal within the city limits of Bothell:

  1. Wash the bite with soap and water, or go to the doctor to have it properly cleaned.
  2. If you haven’t received a tetanus shot within five years, it is important that you do so within 48 hours of being bitten. Contact your doctor for more information.
  3. Report all dog and cat bites to the Bothell Police Department at 425-486-1254. Additionally, if the dog bite you suffered broke the skin and you reside in the King County portion of Bothell, report the bite to King County Health Department at 206-263-8454. If you reside in the Snohomish County portion of Bothell, report the bite to Snohomish County Health Department at 425-339-5278.
  4. File a statement with Bothell Police Department Animal Control. If there are witnesses to the incident, have them file statements as well. Officers will investigate the bite incident once a statement has been filed with Bothell Police Animal Control. Citations and/or Potentially Dangerous Dog declarations may be issued based on witness statements received by Animal Control. Witness statements must be filed before any official action can be taken.