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  1. &#34rainbow&#34 fentanyl pills

    Rainbow Fentanyl Used to Target Children, Teens

    Brightly-colored fentanyl may look like candy to kids and teens. Make no mistake, it's lethal. Officers find more evidence that "rainbow" fentanyl continues to spread in Pacific Northwest. Read on...
  2. White van crashed into black truck.  Patrol car in background.

    Quick 911 Call Helps Officers Arrest Two Suspects in Commercial Burglary Case

    When an alert neighbor heard and witnessed suspicious activity outside a nearby business at 4:00 AM, he immediately called 911. His quick action helped patrol officers arrest two suspects, now facing charges for commercial burglary and much more. Read on...
  3. man smiling, holding very big chainsaw outside his home

    Beloved Tools Returned, Thanks to Good Teamwork

    Bothell Police Detectives worked hard to return a resident's beloved tools that were stolen from his vehicle. But the owner also did something that really helped: He saved the serial numbers. Read on...
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Community Advisory:  Catalytic Converter Theft !

In Bothell, and across the country, there has been a dramatic rise in the theft of catalytic converters.   Law enforcement agencies are working together to fight this crime.  But we need your help. Read this Community Advisory.