Special Event Permit

Planning a Special Event on City Property

Thank you for choosing Bothell as your event destination! If you are planning a special event that will take place on a public street, sidewalk, park, or other public areas in Bothell, you may need to apply for a Special Event Permit. Please read below to identify the requirements for your event.

  1. When is a permit required?
  2. Application
  3. Review Process
  4. Fees

A Special Event Permit is required to use any type of a city owned property when one or more of the following conditions exists (BMC 5.06):

  1. The proposed event is reasonably likely to involve more than 75 people;
  2. The proposed event is reasonably likely to require City personnel for road closures, traffic control, crowd control, or other safety and logistical support;
  3. Public rights of way are impeded by the event’s activities.
  4. The proposed event requires approval from two (2) or more City departments;
  5. Special circumstances which require (1) the coordination of multiple uses of public property; (2) assuring the preservation of public property and public places; (3) prevention of dangerous, unlawful or impermissible uses; and/or (4) protection of the safety of persons and property around the event; as determined by the City Manager or designee.