Public Health

Public Health hazards are events that could negatively affect the health of a community. Bothell is at risk of infectious diseases, hazardous materials, and poor air and water quality. 

  1. Infectious Diseases
  2. Air Quality
  3. Hazardous Materials
  4. Water Quality

Infectious diseases such as Influenza and Covid-19 can spread quickly through communities and can be dangerous for certain populations. To slow the spread of germs:

  • Wash your hands often with soap and warm water.
  • Cover your mouth with your elbow when you sneeze or cough.
  • Do not share drinks or utensils.
  • Follow masking recommendations from local public health agencies. 

stop germs cdc

It is very important to get vaccinated and make sure your children are up-to-date on necessary vaccinations. If you do not feel well, especially if you have a fever, stay home from work or social events. The same applies to children, if your child is sick then they should not go to school. These actions can slow the spread of infectious diseases.

Infectious Diseases Resources