Beautify and Care for Your Streamside Landscape (April 13, 2022)

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We hope you were able to join us for our Beautify and Care for Your Streamside Landscape workshop on April 13, 2022! We talked about the benefits of native plants, controlling slope erosion, building healthy soil, watering wisely, and preventing stormwater runoff.

Helpful resources

If you missed the workshop or just want to further your learning, we've shared a number of Natural Yard Care resources below, including a PDF of the presentation slides and a YouTube recording of the workshop. 

Choosing the Right Plants

COVER - Choosing the Right Plants

Growing Healthy Soil

COVER - Growing Healthy Soil

The Plant List

COVER - The Plant List

Helpful websites, PDFs, and books

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Workshop sponsor, presenter, and target audience

City of Bothell sponsored Tilth Alliance to present this workshop. The target audience for this workshop included City of Bothell residents whose property is next to a stream or other body of water.

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