happybodysoaps owner, dani clewell

“Eight or nine years ago, I started learning how to make soap and I just loved it. My family has really sensitive skin and mine has got more sensitive as I have gotten older. My family started using it, I started giving it away as gifts and a couple of years later, I opened my business," HappyBodySoaps founder, Dani Clewell shares. 

Today, Dani makes and sells an entire line of body care products that you can find in-store including; salt soaks, scrubs, herbal salves, body butters, face scrubs and soap varieties. Dani also sells her own homegrown lavender, ceramic handmade soap dishes and loofahs.  

“My passion is creating products that don’t have dyes or artificial fragrances. I use essential oils and sustainable ingredients, as well as plant extracts to get the colors. All of the packaging is sustainable, HappyBodySoaps products are better for your skin all around.”   

Treat yourself, a friend or a loved one with a natural body care product by HappyBodySoaps