ROAS Flight Log

link to bothell police, air data flight log

Link to Flight Log

What information will flight log provide?

The flight log will provide you with the date, time, and the reason for the ROAS flight.  

It will also provide a flight-path overlay on a map link.  This information will also be useful in helping residents to determine whether the unmanned aerial system they're seeing is not owned or operated by Bothell Police.  

What about other unmanned aerial systems (drones) I see?

The ROAS flight log will only provide information about Bothell Police ROAS use.  We have no access to information about drones operated by private individuals or companies that may be flying in the skies over Bothell.  

More unmanned aerial systems (drones) are operated by private individuals, hobbyists and companies than by law enforcement agencies.  

So, if you see an unmanned aerial system near your home, but there's no indication on the flight log that Bothell Police used its ROAS at that time, it was most likely operated by a private individual or company.

What does the Federal Aviation Administration have to say?

FAA flight rules are different (and more restrictive) for law enforcement and companies, versus private individuals/hobbyists. But safe flying is always important, and falls under the jurisdiction of the Federal Aviation Administration.

For more information about FAA rules and regulations regarding unmanned aerial systems, and how to report unsafe use, visit the FAA webpage.

If you see an unmanned aerial system (drone) that you believe is being used as part of criminal activity, submit a crime tip, or call 911.