"Telling Bothell's Full Story" Advisory Committee 

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Advisory Committee volunteer for the "Telling Bothell's Full Story," project. Together, we can uncover the past and tell the story of Bothell from not just one perspective but all. This will be a temporary (ad-hoc) committee made up of community members. Please read the following requirements before submitting an application.  

Advisory Committee Member Requirements

  • Must be Bothell residents, relatives, business owners, employees, or students or a professional with history, historic preservation, archaeology, diversity, or cultural competency skills or certifications  
  • Should represent or have insight into accurate history of BIPOC community  
  • Are highly preferred if you have ancestors in the area from the BIPOC community  
  • Be able to serve throughout project timeline which is expected to extend through at least 2022
  • Can be existing Board or Commission members   

Advisory Committee Application

  1. Do you currently serve on another City of Bothell Board or Commission?
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