911 Dispatch

When should I call 911?

  • When you have a Police, Fire or Medical emergency.
  • There is a situation that could, or does, pose a danger to life, property or both.
  • There is a suspicious activity that appears to involve criminal intent. 
  • Any situation that requires immediate dispatch of police, fire or medical responders.
  • To report a serious crime, such as robbery, domestic violence or sexual assault.

 Remain calm and patient while the 9-1-1 call taker asks you questions. 9-1-1 call takers are trained to ask specific questions that quickly determine what is wrong, and what type of assistance to send.


When should I call the non-emergency number?

The Bothell Police non-emergency number is (425) 486-1254.  Calls to this number are answered 24/7.

  • You want to report a nuisance, such as a noise or parking complaint.
  • To report a non-emergency crime - one that did not just occur, and the suspects are not in the immediate area.
  • To report or ask about something that is suspicious, but you’re unsure whether it is criminal activity. 

 The call taker will determine how best to handle your call.   You may also be asked to file a Non-Emergency Police Report Online.

When should I file an online report?

If it is not an emergency,  and you do not need a police officer to follow up or respond, filing an online report may be appropriate. 

If you have no idea who the suspect is, and have no photo or video evidence of the crime ( that might show a suspect, suspect vehicle, for example), filing a crime report online is often a good choice to quickly be assigned a case number. 

Online Reporting Example:

Sam walks outside and notices his car's window is smashed, and a duffle bag that was on the backseat is gone. Sam isn't sure when it happened.shattered car window

Sam checks with neighbors, and no one remembers seeing or hearing anything unusual. There are no surveillance cameras or porch cameras nearby that may provide video or photo evidence. 

With no witnesses or additional evidence, the odds of solving this crime are, unfortunately, not good.  But Sam knows it's still important to report crimes.  He also needs a case number so he can notify his insurance provider, and get his vehicle window replaced.  

Is reporting a crime online a good choice?  It depends. 

 If a crime victim wants to speak with an officer about their case, or wants an officer to personally follow up  - they should not file an online crime report.  They should call the Bothell Police non-emergency number: 425-486-1254.   

If a crime victim needs a case number, does not have video or photo evidence, and does not need to speak with an officer, filing an online crime report  may be a good choice. 

Do you have questions?  Please let us know! 

Other Numbers to Call

For Power Outages: 

  • Puget Sound Energy:  888-225-5773 or PSE Online
  • Snohomish Public Utility District:  425-783-1001  or SnoPUD Online

Social Services:   2-1-1 is available in Washington State to help with health and human service needs

Traffic information: 5-1-1 is the number for traffic information in Washington State

911 Deaf and  Interpreter Services Opens in new window

 Our 911 dispatch center is ready 24/7 for callers who are hearing impaired,  and for those who need language-translation services.