Home Fire Escape Planning

If there is ever a fire in your home, you and your family may have as little as two minutes to safely escape from the time your smoke alarms begin to go off. It's important for you to have a plan. Everyone in your home should know two exits out of every room and where your outside meeting place is. Draw a map of your home and meet with your family to get started. 


Know Two Ways Out

Know at least two ways out of every room, if possible. Make sure all doors leading outside can easily open. Have a clear path to your exits. 


Your Meeting Place

An outside meeting place is a place in front of your home where everyone who lives in the house knows to go during an emergency. An example might be a tree, streetlight or mailbox. Your meeting place should be visible from the road so first responders can see you. 


Close Before You Dose 

If someone is unable to safely escape the house due to a fire, have them close their bedroom door and wait by the window for first responders to arrive. We recommend everyone in the home sleep with their doors shut, "close before you dose." A closed door can significantly slow the spread of fire and smoke. 


Never Go Back Inside and Get Low

After evacuating your home, never go back into the house for people, pets or for toys. Wait for responders to arrive to provide assistance. When practicing your home fire escape plan, have your family practice getting low. In an actual fire, getting low can protect you from inhaling harmful smoke and toxins, and will be cooler.