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Every Second Counts, Save a Life

Every second matters when someone goes into cardiac arrest. Someone who receives CPR by a bystander before medical help arrives has a much greater chance of survival than someone who does not. Help save a life by learning CPR.

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Find a Class Near You 

Both in-person and online classes are offered through the American Heart Association, American Red Cross, and numerous other agencies in our area. Find a class near you with the resources and links provided below.

Hands-Only CPR 

In just two simple steps, you can save a life with hands-only CPR. If you ever see a teenager or adult whose collapsed, call 911 and begin performing hard and fast chest compressions until help arrives. Every second counts when someone goes into cardiac arrest. Watch the instructional video below.

Businesses & Employers

Are you interested in getting your employees certified in both CPR and First Aid? Find a class near you through American Heart Association or American Red Cross today. 

Woodinville Fire and Rescue and the Shoreline Fire Department also offer CPR and First Aid courses to local groups.

Additional Resources 

AHA Course Kits

King County EMS CPR and First Aid Programs

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