Community Emergency Response Team

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), is a FEMA program that teaches community members like you how to prepare and respond when a major event strikes. In a disaster when resources are overwhelmed such as a major earthquake or storm, it may take responders several hours to several days to assist community members. 

CERT gives you and your neighbors the skills to help one another until additional help arrives. Learn how to assess the danger of a situation, put out small fires, do basic search and rescue, triage patients, provide first aid, prepare your home and much more!  For more information about our CERT program please email or if you already have a CERT completion certificate and would like to join our team please use the city Volunteer Intake Form. people cribbing

Bothell CERT Course    

Dates for our 2023 CERT classes will be posted here soon.

CERT team meetings are held monthly.

If you are a Bothell CERT, or are a CERT in Bothell wanting to join, We meet monthly. Please email for more information