Noxious weeds in Bothell

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Noxious weeds are a danger to our environment and the economy. These introduced species cost the Puget Sound region millions of dollars in lost agricultural production, environmental degradation, and added maintenance costs. Once invasive plants spread to natural areas, they harm native plants and wildlife and can be impossible to eradicate.

Want to know how to identify, get rid of, and deter noxious weeds? Check out King County's Noxious Weed Control Program to learn how to deal with these unwelcome guests.

Below are photos of some of the most common noxious weeds. Click here to see photos of many more to identify them.

Himalayan Blackberry (Photo credit: Susan Aldrich-Markham, OSU

Himalayan Blackberry - Susan Aldrich-Markham, OSU

Tansy Ragwort (Photo credit: Sasha Shaw, King County)

Tansy Ragwort - Sasha Shaw

Poison Hemlock (Photo credit: Sasha Shaw, King County)

Poison Hemlock - Sasha Shaw

Tired of those weeds taking over your lawn? Well...if you can't beat 'em, eat 'em! Many of the troublesome weeds in your yard are edible and provide some terrific nutrients for your family.

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Some weeds are actually good for you!

Dandelions have a vitamin A content higher than carrots! And they contain the best known source of lecithin, which may reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease and helps support liver function. For some recipes, view our Eat Your Weeds Recipe Cards (PDF).

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If you're not sure whether a weed is safe to eat, check with The Garden Hotline or call 206-633-0224.

Eat Your Weeds Sweetie

Clover Lemonade recipe (click to enlarge)

Clover Lemonade Recipe (PNG)