Fire Station Replacements Project

Courtesy of Miller Hull Partnership

Fire Station 42 Rendering
  1. Project Updates
  2. Key Features

Fire Stations 42 (Downtown Headquarters) and 45 (Canyon Park) are being completely replaced by new, modern fire stations. These two new buildings will allow Bothell Fire Department to continue providing the community with first-class emergency services for the next fifty years. 

The Latest News

10/15/2021: Building permits have been approved and groundwork is underway for both Fire Stations 42 and 45. Station 45 is being demolished the week of October 18, 2021 with demolition of Station 42 expected to take place later this year. See the monthly project report for additional updates.


The project is almost entirely funded by the Safe and Secure Bond worth $35.5 million. On Feb. 2, 2021, City Council approved an amended Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) and total project cost of $38 million. The additional $2.5 million of the total project cost will be funded by fire impact fees. See Agenda Bill 21-007 for additional information.