Responsible for maintenance, repair, and improvements to City facilities. Details on this page are for City staff use only.

Infographic showing after hour requests and process


They keep facilities clean using sustainable green cleaning practices. 

Submit a Facilities Request using the icon on your desktop. Contact the Helpdesk if you do not have an icon on your desktop.  Submit a Facilities Request for:

  • Non-routine cleanup
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Transporting bulky or large items to the dumpster(s)


They maintain City buildings including City Hall, Bothell Operations Center, three Fire Stations, and a Police Station. The daily operations include pressure washing a roof, fixing lights, and addressing  Facilities Request for:

  • Lost/stolen key card replacement
  • Temperature adjustments (no space heaters allowed)
  • After hour (lighting, HVAC, doors) requests
  • Office furniture moves
  • Cubical moves/changes

The following items must be submitted as a Public Works Operations Request and should not be submitted as a Facilities Request. 

  • Setting up chairs/tables for events
  • Delivering garbage, recycle or food scrap collection containers
  • Moving heavy non-furniture equipment (generators, copiers, etc.)