Beardslee Blvd Pavement Overlay

Celebrating project completion

The Beardslee Blvd. project is complete. Pedestrians and drivers alike are now enjoying the benefits of the project. 

Project description

The project included paving Beardslee Blvd. between Sunrise Dr. and NE 185th St. and partially reconstructing the pavement section from NE 185th St. to 110th Ave. NE with hot mix asphalt (HMA).

This project involved:

  • roadway excavation
  • grinding down existing pavement
  • adjusting existing utilities
  • completing water main improvements 
  • rebuilding cement concrete curbs and gutters, 
  • replacing a traffic loop
  • providing pavement markings and 
  • traffic control. 

  1. Why overlay?
  2. Why reconstruct?

A pavement overlay is preventive maintenance that significantly lengthens the life of our roads. When temperatures fluctuate, pavement expands and contracts creating cracks. When water seeps into the cracks, it degrades the asphalt and pavement, compromising structural integrity.

How is this project being funded?

In November 2016, Bothell voters passed the City’s Safe Streets & Sidewalks Levy. The levy provides $1.65 million annually toward the Pavement Preservation Program. The goal of the additional funding is to improve the overall condition of arterial streets.

This program is aimed at repairing the pavement surface via crack seals, patches, and overlays before the roadways have deteriorated to a point where full roadway reconstruction is required, a significantly more expensive alternative.

Beardslee Blvd. was identified as a candidate for rehabilitation under the 2018 Annual Overlay Program.

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