Slurry Seal

An economical approach to preserving Bothell’s pavement

The City of Bothell is using a new method to make our residential roads last longer, called a Slurry Seal. The City of Kirkland has been using this method since 2002 and other Western Washington cities have had good results. Bothell started using Slurry Seal in 2018, with projects in future years planned around the city. The roads selected are the more heavily traveled local roads.

Slurry Seal is most effective on roads that are starting to show their age, but have not fallen apart. This method is expected to provide 5-10 years of good pavement condition. Slurry Seal is also economical, typically costing around $5 per square yard compared to around $50 per square yard for pavement overlay. Roads in poor condition are not good candidates for Slurry Seal.

What is slurry seal?

Slurry Seal is a quarter-inch layer of fine gravel, asphalt, and oil. This will protect the pavement from weather and refresh the surface. The Slurry Seal process has several steps. Preparation begins in the spring and includes sealing large cracks in the roadway with tar. Small to medium sized bad spots will be removed and patched with new asphalt. These repairs need to cure for a couple months before the actual Slurry Seal can be applied in late summer.

What can residents expect?

There will be some parking restrictions and daytime roadway closures. Residents can expect to see further information with postcards, door hangers, and on-street signage to know what to expect.

This project is funded through the Safe Streets & Sidewalks Levy passed by voters in November 2016.

Slurry Seal