Getting Around Bothell

Traffic Alerts

View traffic impacts affecting travel within Bothell.

Commute Options

Community Transit Metro Sound Transit
Serves Snohomish County 
and Bothell
Serves King County Serves King, Pierce
and Snohomish counties
Choice Connections Vanpool Rider Alerts
Curb the Congestion Community Van Trip Planner
Vanpool Reserve Carpool Rider Guide
Rider Alerts Rider Alerts Schedules


Great for recreational or commute alternative use.

Cascade Bike Club provides tools to help you get started. The City partners with UW Bothell each year to hold a celebration station for Bike to Work Day on the trails near UW Bothell and Cascadia campuses. Plus, Community Transit offers Bike Map:

Citywide Bike Plan

Bike Racks

Community Transit provides a great resource for learning how to use bike racks with an educational video online.


A great way to reduce impacts on roadways, traffic congestion, and improve your health. Learn your walk score to see how walkable Bothell is for you.

View details about the City’s Safe School Walk Route program and upcoming projects


You don't have to worry about parking because City Hall offers free parking downtown at the City Hall parking garage.

Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) Employer-Based Options

The City of Bothell's Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) Program provides benefits and services for businesses and employees commuting in the City (per BMC 14.06).