Design elements

Multiway Boulevard Phase 3 

  • 14-feet wide sidewalks from SR 522 to Reder Way
  • Bike racks, street furniture, litter and recycle bins
  • Four full size arterial traffic lanes with center turn lanes
  • Four signalized intersections
  • Intelligent Transportation System interconnects all traffic signals on NE Bothell Way
  • Landscaping
  • LED streetlights
  • Local access lane SR 522 to Reder Way
    • Includes parking, bicycle lanes
    • No left turn from access lane to side street
    • Separated from the arterial lanes by a median
    • No driveway access between SR 522 and Reder Way
    • No left turns at NE 183rd Street
    • Onsite sustainable drainage features: rain gardens, permeable street pavers
    • Signals monitored by Bothell Traffic Management Center
    • Three driveways between Reder Way and NE 188th Street

Envisioned future downtown

Multiway Boulevard