Medicine Return

Free Medicine Return Program image shows pill bottles, and one open with pills spilling out. prescription drugs

Protect your family, protect the community, and protect the environment by returning unwanted medicines at safe disposal locations.  Bothell citizens can properly dispose of unwanted medicines locally for free.  Narcotic and non-narcotic medicines accepted.

Community drug drop-off sites

Community drug drop-off sites allow residents to bring expired or unwanted medicines to a convenient, centralized location for proper disposal.

Steps to Dispose of Unwanted Medications

  1. Gather all unwanted medications from wherever you have them stored (drawers, medicine cabinet, etc)
  2. Check the King County Secure Medicine Return link to see which items are accepted. Narcotics and prescribed controlled substances (Oxycontin, vicodin, etc) are accepted only at law enforcement locations (including Bothell Police Department)
  3. Bring accepted items to the most convenient location. Leave items in their original containers. You will have an opportunity to mark out any personal information. Do not mark out the names of the medication. No questions will be asked, though your zip code will be recorded for research purposes.
  4. Place the items into the secure double locked collection box.