Cleanup of the Crossroads Sites

Cleanup Sites

Seven parcels lie along the pathway of the new Crossroads roadway alignment. Four of these parcels (sites) had known contamination in soils and groundwater, both from past land uses (such as gas stations, auto-repair etc) as well as from off-site or up-gradient contamination sources (such as dry cleaners).  These cleanup sites were:

  • Bothell Landing,
  • Bothell Riverside,
  • Bothell Paint & Decorating, and
  • Former Hertz/AA Rentals

Cleanup Work

Cleanup work consisted of excavating petroleum-contaminated soils and transporting them for disposal at a licensed facility that handles hazardous materials. The excavations were then treated with slurry to remediate the remnant soils and groundwater, followed by back fill with clean material. Groundwater at the sites was then monitored quarterly, by sampling newly installed monitoring wells for a one-year period following the cleanup.

Phase II

Contract plans and technical specifications were developed in order for a contractor to perform the cleanup work.  This work was completed under the umbrella of Crossroads Phase II, which also included soil preloading activity.

The Crossroads Phase II contract was advertised for bids on June 10. Seven (7) bids were received and opened on July 1. The low responsive bid was submitted by Hos Brothers Construction Inc. in the amount of $1,962,402.  The project costs for Phase II were split between the Bothell Crossroads project and the Downtown Contaminated Soil and Groundwater Clean Up project. City council awarded the construction contract on July 20, 2010.  Click below to view or download the related bid tabulations.

Cleanup work began in mid August 2010 and continued through the end of that year.

Bid Tabulation