Goals and Values

Mission and Goal

Moving Bothell forward by providing sound and innovative technologies through fiscally responsible planning, collaboration and excellent customer service.

Values Statement

Information Services is committed to fostering a transparent, collaborative and inclusive approach to technology services through a shared set of values which include; 

  • Leadership: We want success for all those around us. We are welcoming of and offer kind feedback for collective growth. We motivate, are courageous, positive and nurture relationships.
  • Accountability: We take ownership, voice concerns, are fiscally responsive, dependable, and practice both self and team follow-thru.
  • Integrity: We practice honesty, equity, consistency, and authenticity.
  • Adaptability:  We are flexible, versatile, resilient, tolerant of ambiguity, and are change managers.
  • Collaboration:  We listen, are open, supportive, encouraging and respectful. We foster creativity, exchange of ideas and challenge of the status quo. 
  • Growth:  We embrace education, employee development, and are motivated to grow and continually learn. 
  • Innovation: We are creative, risk takers, open to fail, forward thinking, proactive and curious. We invite change. 
  • Communication – We inform, engage, actively listen, use clear language, and are clear with intentions. 

Workplan Goals

workplan goals