Interpreter Services for Limited-English Speakers

You Don't Need to Speak English to Call 911

Bothell Police 911 dispatchers help callers who speak limited English daily. If a dispatcher is unable to effectively communicate with a caller they can use an interpreter to gather information and notify help. 

Translation Services Are Available

 When translation services are needed during a 911 call, Bothell Police dispatchers have access to interpreters.   

After connecting with an interpreter, the 911 dispatcher will ask the interpreter questions to translate to the caller. Once the caller responds, the interpreter will translate the information to the dispatcher. 

How to Call for Help in an Emergency

  1. Dial 9-1-1
  2. Try to state, "This is an Emergency"  or just  "Emergency" 
  3. If possible,  let us know what kind of help you need:
    • "Police" 
    • "Fire"
    • "Medical"
  4. State what language or dialect you speak. 
  5. Remain on the line while the 911 Dispatcher works to have an interpreter join the phone call.
  6. Please allow the interpreter to control the conversation, to ensure the quickest-possible response.