Be Sustainable

Reduce energy

You can reduce your impact by unplugging electronics when not in use, hanging clothes to dry, turning off lights when you don't need them, and much more.

Recycle More. It's Easy to Do

Use the What Do I Do With...? link to learn where to recycle items, use reusable shopping bags, take the pledge to comost more and waste less.  

Keep it local

Buy local and organic. Puget Sound Fresh provides a list of resources.

Reduce your impact

You can walk instead of driving or carpool to your destination. Plan ahead to make trips more efficient. Make sure to get your vehicle checked regular and don't drip and drive. Use local trails to walk or bike to your destination or take the bus instead.

Read labels

Check the ingredients of products before your buy. Don't purchase cleaners or solvents with words like CAUTION or TOXIC. Read the warning labels and directions before purchasing.

Reuse and repurpose

Reduce the number of products you purchase by borrowing items from neighbors. Organize a clothing swap with friends to update your wardrobe.


Volunteer in the community. Register to vote. Participate in government.