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Bothell’s Information Services Department supports the technologies that serve the businesses and residents of this dynamic and innovative community.

Every departments' operations depend upon support from Information Services. We partner with each department, in a collaborative effort to find more efficient and creative ways in which to use technology and GIS data to enhance services. This collaboration enables Information Services to implement technology in a strategic manner that supports the values of the organization, is aligned with the goals of the City Council and improves service to the community. Learn about the Information Services Steering Committee (ISSC).

Community Engagement through Technology

Information Services is focused on implementation services that connect businesses and residents with city government through technologies like rich GIS data driven applications, document libraries, records request, online bill pay, government transparency tools, online applications, and more.

Some services include:

Online Recreation RegistrationPet Licenses
COBMap Interactive MapBuilding Permits
Online Court PaymentsOnline Job Applications
Capital Improvement Project MapOnline Document Library
Online Public Records RequestsCrime Statistics
Online Utility PaymentsPrivate Development Projects Map

Business optimization 

It is a key goal of Information Services to find innovative technologies that create efficiencies and support fiscal responsibility. Using mobile technologies to get information into the hands of staff while in the field, implementing enterprise focused systems that can be used by multiple departments, leveraging GIS data and promoting organization wide data sharing, are just some of the ways that Information Services is driving efficiency through innovation in the organization.

ECCSound technology infrastructure

Information Services’ core goal is to ensure the availability and integrity of digital information. It is through robust infrastructure design, enforcement of policies in legal compliance with mandating agencies, fluid disaster planning, and active information security programs, that I.S. helps to ensure all departments have the technology tools required to serve the public and that data is appropriately secured.

I.S. focuses not only on the stability of technology but also plays an active role in disaster and response planning in government as a whole. I.S. is heavily involved in the city’s Emergency Communications Center and Continuity in Government Planning. It is the role of the department to provide technology support during a regional emergency event, but also to guide departments in preparing for providing critical services and accessing vital records during periods of technology outages or technology recovery periods.

Information Services sections

Application Services Section. Supervisor, Lisa Rossiter. Focusing on enterprise applications, servers, logical infrastructure, virtual infrastructure, disaster planning, websites and public safety.

GIS Section. Supervisor: Daryn Brown. Focusing on GIS data maintenance, GIS web applications, custom maps, address assignments and GIS data for enterprise applications.

Operations Section. Supervisor, Walt Whitman. Focusing on frontline helpdesk support, telephony, mobile devices, printing, PCs and network infrastructure.