Flora and Fauna in Bothell

Bothell is home to a diverse variety of plants and wildlife. Every other month, our park maintenance staff will feature a new plant or animal to look out for as you explore parks, trails, and open spaces (or even your own backyard)!

"What's Blooming, Bothell?" - July 2021 Feature

Photo of yellow, flowering tansy ragwort plantTansy ragwort (Jacobea vulgaris) is a noxious weed that has been spotted in several sites in Bothell this year and should be removed whenever spotted. It is a toxic plant - mostly dangerous to livestock - but can also harm pets and humans, causing irreversible liver damage. It grows in open sunny areas such as meadows or roadsides but can also pop up in landscape beds.

It is a biennial weed, starting off in its first year as a basal rosette with ruffled leaves, and then in its second year sprouting a 2-4' stalk with clusters of yellow daisy-like flowers. Care should be used when removing it - wear gloves and handle it as little as possible. Since it is toxic even when dried and its seeds remain viable for up to 10 years, it should NOT be disposed in your yard waste bin! Instead, tansy ragwort should be bagged up in a trash bag and thrown out with your normal garbage. For more info or to report a sighting of tansy ragwort, please visit the King County Noxious Weeds site.

Authored by: Tim Coye, City of Bothell, Sr. Park Maintenance Worker

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