Capital Facilities Plan (CFP)

The City Council adopts an updated CFP every two years (Resolution 1183). This plan prioritizes how the City spends money on Facilities, Parks and Open Spaces, Transportation, Water Utility, Storm and Surface Water Utility, and Sewer Utility projects. CFP Projects are identified and prioritized.

The Council also adopts an updated Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) annually, consisting of only transportation projects. The TIP is a long-range planning document for transportation needs and unlike the CFP, not all projects are funded.

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Addendum 2019-2025 CFP  

Bothell City Council approved the City's adopted CFP on March 5, 2019. The $36 million amendment includes the replacement of Downtown Fire Station 42 and Canyon Park Fire Station 45.

CFP Addendum Cover

Adopted 2019-2025 CFP (PDF)


42¢ of every $1 Bothell plans to invest in infrastructure from 2019 through 2025 comes from non-city resources such as grants, other agencies, mitigation fees and developer contributions.

2019-2025 CFP  

Bothell City Council adopted the City’s Capital Facilities Plan on Nov. 13, 2018. The $345 million CFP includes a comprehensive needs assessment, as well as a corresponding seven-year financial plan that identifies and prioritizes funding for 53 capital improvements including facilities, parks, transportation and utility projects.

2019-2025 CFP Funding Sources & Capital Spending (PDF)

2019-2025 pie