Learning at Home with Nature Vision

Looking for some at-home learning opportunities? Nature Vision has developed a series of stormwater science packets that K-12 students can complete at home.

These packets support Next Generation Science Standards and are separated out by the grade bands: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. Each day students will explore a science lesson related to the packet topic and fulfill corresponding activities that further their understanding. These lessons are designed for students to finish with little teacher/parent/caregiver guidance.

Ecological Impacts

Water Quality

Human Systems

Ecological Impacts, Water Quality, and Human Systems packets team

Nature Vision Staff: Rob Healy, Allie Hotzfeld, Scott Jenkins, Mike Munro, Melissa Pendleton, Michelle Song, Kathryn Sooter, Katie Engel, Courtney Rogers, and Ginny Sanchez Ballard
City of Bothell Staff: Christi Cox

Bonus packets

Want to learn all about native plants, invasive plants, and noxious weeds? They all play a role in either helping or hurting the environment. Check out these bonus packets, which adult learners may also find interesting!

Invasive Plants

Invasive Plants packets team

Nature Vision Staff: Nathan Laudolff, Faye Thornburgh, Allie Hotzfeld, Katie Engel, and Ginny Sanchez Ballard
King County Noxious Weed Control Program Staff: Sasha Shaw

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