Building two new fire stations

Fire Stations 42 (Downtown Headquarters) and 45 (Canyon Park) will be completely replaced by new, modern stations using funds from a voter-approved bond worth $35.5 million. The buildings will allow the Fire Department to continue providing you and the greater Bothell community with exceptional service for the next 50 years.

What's the latest? On November 12, 2019 City Council authorized a progressive design build contract with BN Builders/Miller Hull Partnership. 

New Station Benefits:

  • Improves decontamination area for personnel and equipment to provide for better firefighter health and safety.
  • Allows for industry-standard separate sleeping quarters for male and female firefighters.
  • Room for growth for more personnel, on-site training, and parking.
  • Houses new Police satellite office at the Canyon Park fire station for police officers to be more available to serve North Bothell residents. 
  • Proper care and storage for vehicles and equipment while meeting requirements for earthquake codes, sprinklers, and alarms. 

When will construction begin? Demolition and construction are expected to begin in the Fall of 2020. The project will be broken up into three phases:

  1. Phase 1A: November 2019 - April 2020. Includes ninety percent design of interim stations, if needed, and 30 percent design of both permanent stations. 
  2. Phase 1B: May 2020 - August 2020. Includes sixty percent design of the stations and development of the guaranteed total project cost. 
  3. Phase 2: September 2020 - January 2023. Includes final design, demolition, construction and move-in. Stay tuned for more specific updates!

What happens to the firefighters during construction? During construction, crews may be required to maintain response operations from interim facilities. If needed, these facilities will be fully operational at thoroughly vetted locations to maintain current response times, protect vehicles and equipment from the elements, and adequately house the firefighters.

What was the selection process like for the design-build team? Only teams with prior experience with the progressive design build method were considered, allowing the City to select the best of the best in the design and construction industry. BN Builders/Miller Hull were selected after a four-month vetting process coordinated by the project manager, OAC Services, and City staff from the Public Works and Fire Departments. The City received Statements of Qualifications from eight design-build teams and invited four to submit project proposals. These proposals were evaluated based on the ability to meet time and budget requirements, technical approach, design concept, and other factors. 

What is progressive design build? Progressive Design Build is a new, sophisticated construction project method that was selected for its potential to complete projects quickly and on budget. Under this method, the City contracts with a team of both the general contractor and the architect. Having both the designer and builder involved in the early design development increases project cost certainty, ensures specialized fire equipment is incorporated efficiently into the design, and supports overlapping work tasks so any potential interim stations can maintain full life-safety operations for Bothell at all times.

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Downtown Fire Station (#42)

Station 42

Canyon Park Station (#45)

Station 45 and rigs