Keep It Clean

Responsible Recycling Task Force

In response to recent changes in recycling markets, King County Solid Waste formed the Responsible Recycling Task Force, bringing together representatives from King County, cities within King County, solid waste haulers, and stakeholders to develop a coordinated approach to improving recycling in the region.

Read the recommendations of the task force to address the impacts of China's National Sword policies on our region's recycling system.

What You Can Do

Help minimize contamination by properly preparing your recyclables. 

Empty, Clean, and Dry

Everything that you put in your recycle bin should be:

  • Empty- Pour out any liquids and scrape out leftover food into your organics bin. 
  • Clean- Add a small amount of water to jars and bottles, replace the cap, and shake to clean
  • Dry- Shake out any excess water or let recyclables air dry. When you take your recycling out, close the lid of your blue cart to keep paper and cardboard dry.

Keep It Loose

Please do not bag recyclables. Bagged recyclables can be confused for garbage. Loose plastic bags can also jam the machinery at recycling facilities. Instead, place your recyclables loosely inside of your blue bin.

Stay Informed 

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Empty, Clean, and Dry
Image of Blue Recycling Cart with recycling items going in